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Title: It’s Your Love That Brings Me Home
Author: dragonfly
Category/tags: drama, all the feels, family, h/c, big brother!dean, co-dependent like whoa, so many tears, hurt!Sam, epic bromance, loving mother, concerned Castiel
Spoilers: SEASON 12
Characters: Sam, Dean, Mary, Castiel
Warning: None
Summary: This was it; no demons to fight, no apocalypse to stay, but it was the biggest fight of Dean’s life—and his only weapons were his voice and a lifetime of shared memories.
A/N: 1.Takes place sometime after 12x03 – so this goes AU after that. 2. Title lyrics from “Brother” by NeedtoBreathe.
Also can be found on AO3 and DW.


Outside, the church bells rang announcing it was Christmas day. Snow fell lightly on the midnight hour and the air felt crisp and pure.

Inside, the chipped cement floors were stained with blood and broken dreams. The walls of the long abandoned asylum were scarred with immeasurable layers of despair, and the air was so thick with the tortured cries of souls past all who entered feared to breathe it in—feared that inhaling the echoed suffering would make it their own.

Hope had never touched this place.

Until someone brought it in.

A single working light swung from the ceiling in an otherwise dark room. It screeched with every swing it made—revealing those that had dared to believe.

Green eyes opened.

Sprawled across the unforgiving floor on his stomach, glass pinched flesh through Dean’s clothes. The spell had been a powerful one and had thrown him across the room, but one thought and one thought only reached for him; consuming him—just as it had been for nearly two months now:


Stumbling to his feet, Dean searched the room. “Sam?” To his left, Castiel and his mother were picking themselves up off the floor, but his brother was nowhere to be seen—only a charred mark remained within the circle where they had simultaneously summoned, expelled and killed the creature that had taken over Sam’s body weeks ago.

“Sam?” he called more frantically, making his way through scattered remains of old, forgotten medical equipment. Shoving aside a large machine on wheels, the light finally reached what it could not before.

“Sammy.” It had been far too long, and hope had faltered far too many times.

Sam was on his side, back nearly against the wall. Breathing hard, the left side of his face was pressed into the floor. His eyes were open, but vacant.

Rushing to his side, Dean fell hard to his knees. “Sammy?” Reaching out he gripped Sam’s cold, upturned wrist with one hand and cupped the side of his face with the other. This was it. If he failed now all would be lost. Sam would be lost.

/ “Immediately after the spell is complete and he is free, you must help him find his way back to you, or let him go,” the priest cautioned in a worn, raspy voice.

“Back? From where?”

The elder man closed his eyes. “A pain, a darkness so vast…no person alive, or not, can bring words to fathom.”

“Are you saying no one has survived this?”

“No, boy,” he admitted softly, meeting his eyes again. “I’m saying none were glad they had.”/

He told Dean they’d both be better off if he’d just let Sam die. He told him the kaelpie creature would leave nothing of Sam behind.

/“It strips away all the good,” he whispered gravely, “even as it feeds off the bad.”/

He told him this creature would dredge up every horrible thing that had ever happened to Sam and everyone else it had ever fed off of and drown him in those moments—trapping him in a tragically magnified empathetic loop until nothing of the vessel remained.

/ “It leaves nothing but a shell.” /

He told him that even if they were able to bring back his body, it would likely be impossible to bring him back whole.

Dean Dean curled his fingers into Sam’s.

The priest was wrong.

What was impossible was letting him go. What was impossible—and had been all of their lives, was giving up on Sam. He couldn’t do it. He wouldn’t.

“Sammy, I’m here,” he said roughly. He had survived the cage, the trials and how many other possessions and horrors. He could survive this, damnit. He could survive this.

But his brother showed no indication that he had heard him. His eyes were just as vacant as the moment before and he didn’t grip back when Dean squeezed his hand in desperate encouragement.

Cas came up behind him and Mary knelt at Dean’s other side. The priest wouldn’t be returning. After helping them prepare for the spell, he had said a prayer and left.

/“It is not me he will need when you are through.” /

Dean tightened his grip on the cold fingers.

“Dean?”  Mary’s voice was thick with concern.

“He’ll be okay,” he answered as if by rote, refusing to believe anything else.

Cas knelt next to Sam and with a gentle touch over his temple healed whatever physical injuries had befallen him while under the kaelpie’s control. The creature did not just have fun with his mind. They never just had fun with their minds. “Dean, you must hurry,” he warned.

Sliding closer on his knees, Dean slid an arm under his brother’s shoulder and pulled him into his lap. His breathing had slowed some, but his usually expressive eyes were still vacant.

Mary took one of his lax hands in hers.

/ “You must reach him before the darkness claims him for good; if it has not already.” /


The priest’s gray eyes held Dean’s. “By calling forth the light.”/

The “light,” he was told, was what Sam might grasp onto in his darkest moments: memories, feelings, people….

Dean didn’t even feel ridiculous, or the need to make movie references. What he felt was desperation. And a desperate big brother would, as he always had—do anything to save his little brother.

This was it; no demons to fight, no apocalypse to stay, but it was the biggest fight of Dean’s life—and his only weapons were his voice and a lifetime of shared memories. Holding his brother in his arms, Dean didn’t know where to start.

So he started at the beginning.

“When…when you were a baby,” he began slowly, hesitantly, “…you just loved the sound of paper ripping,” he told him. “I mean loved. A single rip and you’d wheeze and laugh until your chubby, little baby cheeks would turn bright red….” A small smile tugged at the corner of Dean’s mouth. Somehow he had forgotten about that. “Even dad thought it was cute.”

Once Dean started talking, he didn’t stop. And the snow continued to fall quietly and patiently outside while he used every memory he could think of to draw his brother out of the dark.

“You were three when you first learned how to ride a bike. You asked me if that’s what it felt like to fly….”


Tears filled Mary’s eyes as Dean’s words washed over her—as she got beloved glimpses of Sam’s childhood. It was a beautiful picture Dean was painting; one much brighter than John’s journal had. For the first time she understood that though demons and monsters had been a large part of their lives…so had love.

“…snuck away to set off fireworks. Dad was pissed, but it was worth it. You were so happy….”

Sam’s hand was cold in hers and she rubbed her thumb back and forth across his thin knuckles trying to warm them. As soon as she learned he was missing, she had joined their exhaustive search. Dean had been driven. Castiel had been reckless. Both men were in pain. And it was different for her this time. When she first came back from Heaven and Sam was missing—she didn’t know the man she was searching for. She didn’t know left from right and was still reeling from the loss of her family in Heaven. Still, she fought for the man named Sam as if he were her baby Sam—because he was.

This time there was no reeling, no confusion. There was just one thing on her mind, one goal: Get my boy back.

As the days and weeks passed, though—without any clue as to Sam’s whereabouts, their desperation grew. She could see how the weight of his absence affected Dean and everything about him. She could see how intricately woven together the two were—because each day that had passed without finding her youngest, she witnessed her oldest unravel a little more.


“Sammy, can you hear me?” Dean’s voice wavered—his thumb moving lightly across Sam’s cheek. He received nothing in response and hopelessness and doubt started to fill his heart. “Damnit, Sammy, come on,” he choked when his brother just continued to stare dully.

“Dean—” Castiel started.

“Don’t.” He warned him off, warned off his condolences. He didn’t need them. This was going to work. He was going to get his brother back. He’s held onto that belief for weeks. He wasn’t going to let go now.


He knew what he was going to say. He was going to say that it was time—it was time to cast the spell to release Sam. A blood-bond spell kept the kaelpie victims tethered to life despite the creature stripping all else away. Some would see it as a tether of hope.  Some...just another form of torture.

Sam was essentially in a vegetative state—possibly still locked in the horrors of the kaelpie’s doing.

But Castiel was asking Dean to do the one thing he had never in all of his life been able to do:
Let Sam go.

“Sam wouldn’t want this for himself, or for you, Dean. Either of you,” Castiel reminded them, voice strained under the emotions he was barely containing. “I am sorry.”

Clenching his jaw, Dean shook his head as tears filled his eyes and denial filled his heart. “No.” This couldn’t be it. After everything they’ve been through, it couldn’t end like this; in a dark, cold basement on Christmas day. He searched his brother’s face for any signs, for any flicker of hope. Still, there was none.

Dean looked to their mother. Her face was wet with tears, but there was determination yet in her eyes.

“You know, I saw it even then,” she said softly.

“What?” he rasped.

“Even as a baby, I could tell Sam wasn’t going to be a mama’s, or even a daddy’s boy,” she told him gently. “…because he was already his brother’s.” She smiled and cupped Dean’s cheek lovingly, catching a tear with her thumb as it fell. “His eyes…oh, they would light up when he saw you, and his little arms and legs would move wildly like he just couldn’t contain all of the excitement bubbling up in his little body.” She caught another tear as it slid free—thick with an unbearable mixture of grief and love. “He absolutely adored you from the very beginning.”

Swallowing painfully, Dean looked down at the man in his arms; his little brother that had outgrown him in every way possible—from height, to heart, to courage. “You know…” he started hoarsely, taking in every inch of his face; every scar, every line, “when you guys told me I was going to be a big brother…” he said to their mother, “I was excited to say the least. Do you remember?”

“You asked nearly every day if it was the day Sammy was coming home.”

Dean’s smile was sad as he smoothed his thumb back and forth across Sam’s temple. It had always soothed his headaches away when he was a kid. “Believe it or not, it wasn’t just because it meant I was going to be a big brother. I felt like…” His throat grew tighter at the memory, at the truth. “I felt like I had been waiting all of my life for him, ya know? And finally he was coming home,” he admitted, his words breaking along with every other part of him. “Finally.”

Another tear slipped free, slowly tracing the lines of his face. “Weird, huh?” He brushed his brother’s ever wayward bangs aside—a habit he had never been able to break over the years when Sam was hurting. “I was missing him before he was even born.”

Castiel was an angel of the Lord, but he knew that not even godly powers would be enough to deliver comfort to the grieving mother and brother before him. The two boys had been made for each other—in every literal sense of the phrase. They had always been destined to be brothers—always two halves of a whole.
But never could it have been foreseen that their bond would become so indestructible that it would defy destiny itself.

Never could it have been foreseen that it would be impossible for one to live without the other.


Dean didn’t notice his mother’s warmth against his shoulder. He didn’t notice that his legs were going numb under his brother’s weight. He didn’t notice that he had started to shiver from the cold and pressing grief. He just continued to talk to his brother and will him home.

Everything he had always held in his heart was up for grabs and used to call his brother back to him. It was probably the biggest chick-flick moment of his life. He just wished Sam would snap out of it and make fun of him for it.

He couldn’t say how much time had passed, how many memories they had shared, how many times they had called Sam’s name, had called Sam to them…but still Sam remained…gone.


“I can’t…I can’t lose him,” Dean choked, pulling Sam up higher against his chest and resting his chin on top of his head.  “I can’t. He’s –”

“I know,” Mary said brokenly, wiping tears from her face and wrapping both of her boys up in her arms. “I know.” She tenderly brushed her fingers through Sam’s hair. They had closed his eyes—unable to bear the vacant look any longer. “Is there anything else we can try?”

Dean shook his head. “Nothing Sam would ever want,” he answered raggedly.

They knew Sam might be suffering. They knew they had to either save him, or let him go. And soon. Eyes full of a pain so absolute beseeched hers and nearly tore her heart in two.

She realized then that that’s exactly what would happen if they lost Sam. She squeezed her oldest son’s trembling shoulder and said through a seemingly endless stream of tears, “Just a little bit longer then, hmm?”


The night pressed on. Castiel even offered his own fond, but mostly awkward memories that would have made Sam smile. And before they realized it, daylight had started to filter down between the barred windows. Still they fought to keep Sam with them. They had no way of knowing it—not until Sam shifted in Dean’s arms, that Sam was fighting too.

“Sam?” Dean pulled back slightly to find his brother looking at him—actually looking at him. “Hey.” His voice shook even as the pain he had been carrying around in his chest for weeks lessened.

“He squeezed my hand,” Mary exclaimed.

“Come on, buddy, you can’t keep making us do all the talking here,” Dean encouraged eagerly. He frowned when a tear slid free from the corner of Sam’s eye.

“Sammy, sweetie?” Mary called softly, brushing it away. “Can you hear us?”

“We are all with you, Sam,” Castiel promised.

Sam, who hadn’t taken his eyes off of Dean, glanced at Mary then Castiel before steadying on Dean again. “I…I followed it,” he whispered, hazel eyes full of such adoration and wonder that it brought a lump of emotion to the back of Dean’s throat. It reminded him of when they were kids. It reminded him of when Sam thought he could do no wrong.

“What?” His voice was sounding as weak as Sam’s—overused, and now overcome with relief.

“Your voice.” The corner of his mouth quirked upwards. “Y’never shut up.”

Dean huffed out a laugh, even as his throat grew impossibly tighter and he had to scrub a hand down his face to clear away the wetness. His brother was back. He was back. “Yeah well, you’re welcome,” he retorted, barely resisting the urge to brush Sam’s bangs aside again.

There were tears in Sam’s eyes, but a soft smile on his lips as he said in a single overflowing word everything Dean had been voicing all night. “Jerk.”

It had been a long and hard fought battle—not only to find Sam, but to pull him back from the darkness. Dean didn’t think he’d be letting him out of his sight anytime soon. Eventually, it was going to annoy the hell out of Sam.

He couldn’t wait.


Sam’s attention shifted to Mary when she smoothed down the coat that Castiel had draped over him hours ago. “I heard you, too,” he said to her.

Castiel placed a hand over Sam’s shoulder. “They never gave up on you, Sam.”

An odd look slid across Sam’s face and he looked up at the angel. “Not supposed to tell Dean we put spinach in his pie,” he teased weakly.

“Uh, yes, I realized my error a little too late.” Castiel glanced nervously at Dean, who was scowling.

Sam grunted in amusement even as his eyes began to drift close.

“Come on, let’s get you home.” Mary stood to help him up.

But exhaustion pulling at him, he yawned, “Thought I was.”

It took Dean a moment to find his voice—to speak past all of the fear and doubt that had been plaguing him for weeks. “Yeah, ya are,” he finally declared thickly, tucking Castiel’s coat around him more securely. He watched his not-so-little brother’s breathing even out, and felt him fall asleep—warm and safe in his arms before repeating softly, “Yeah, ya are.”


Outside, snow fell lightly on a new day. The air felt crisp and pure.

Inside, what was lost was found, what had been broken was again whole, and the tortured cries had at last hushed—some good in the world had been restored.



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YGTMIY Banner.jpg

Title: You Got The Music In You
Vidder: dragonfly
Song: You Get What You Give
Artist: New Radicals
Summary: A feel-good multi-fandom video featuring: Supernatural, NCIS, Psych, X-Files and Stargate SG1


1 May 2017 02:21 pm
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My very first DW post! :) I did import everything from LJ (dragonfly_sg1) (Yippee! Thank you DW!) - though the media didn't seem to come with it, so I'll be embedding my music videos again over time :)

If anyone knows of any fandom communities please let me know. I'm a huge fan of Supernatural, Stargate SG1, X-Files, Lethal Weapon, NCIS (well, before Tony left) MacGyver (and the new one is starting to grow on me - but I call it "MacGyver-Not-MacGyver"), Marvel, Star Trek, Psych...and the list goes on.


*tries to figure out how to work this thing*
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Title: All For One
Artist: Five For Fighting
Vidder: dragonfly
Category: gen, hurt/comfort, action
Characters: Sam and Dean
Summary: "My brother, myself, my savior, my friend."
I don't own SPN or Five For Fighting. No money made. No infringement intended.

dragonfly11: Boys are Back (Boys are Back)
Title: Boxed In and Not Five By Five
Author: dragonfly
Genre: Gen, H/C-ish, Episode Tag-Alt ending, Sleepy Tony
Summary: Gibbs notices that something is off with Tony—other than his bleeding arm. A very short alt ending to the episode “Boxed In.” Not a fix-it fic.

Read more... )
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Title: The Valiant Brother
Author: dragonfly
Genre: humor, family, h/c
Words: 2300
Summary: Takes place first season. Sam comes down with a childhood malady. Dean cares for him the best way he knows how. BigBrotherKnowsBest/FeverSammy
A/N: Unbeta’d. I’m not a nurse or a doctor—nor do I pretend to be one on TV.

Read more... )

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Title: Here with me
Artist: dido
Video by: dragonfly
Category: friendship, team, d'artagnan/constance
Summary: "I can't breathe until you're resting here with me." No matter what, their love and loyalty to France and to each other came first.
No money made. No infringement intended.
This is my very first Musketeers video that I should probaby dedicate to McDonalds because they did not give me the decaf coffee that I had asked for. Therefore, I did the majority of this in one night.

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Today is the day, peoples!

If you so desire, go forth and spread some love!

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Title:  Sammy, close your eyes
Author: dragonfly
Genre: drama, gen, h/c, weechesters, Awesome!BigBrotherDean
Characters: Sam and Dean
Rating: K
Warning: SPOILERS FOR 10X23
Word count: 553
AN: A huge, gigantic hug and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] devra_01 for her love and input.
Summary: Dean Winchester could be considered many things: a hero, a flirt, a hunter, but above all these and more… was protector.

Dean Winchester could be considered many things: a hero, a flirt, a hunter, but above all these and more… was protector. Sam would know, Dean has been protecting him all of his life.
/ “Is it going to hurt?”

“Only for a second, Sammy, then the splinter will be out and it won’t hurt so much anymore.”

The younger boy looked up at his big brother, eyes hopeful. “Promise?”

Dean smiled, soft and reassuring. “Promise.”

Taking a deep breath, Sam held out his hand. There was a large wooden splinter sticking out of his palm, lazily bleeding. When the tweezers neared it, he grimaced and started to shake.

“Sammy, close your eyes.” Soft. Encouraging. Don’t look. I’ve got this.

He did.

And then it didn’t hurt so much anymore. /

When Dean couldn’t use his body to protect Sam, Sam noticed over the years that he’d use these four words instead; a form of protection in itself.

It was ingrained in him, written in his genetic code—that fiercely protective nature; and it was activated the moment their parents sat him down and told him he was going to be a big brother.

/ “I’m scared.”

“I know. Me too.”

A rare admission from the fourteen year old, but as the hotel began to shake and the wind howled like a train, it was a feeling he couldn’t deny. Curled up in the bathtub, he held his trembling little brother tighter. And as the pictures fell off the walls and the roof groaned and whined, he whispered in his ear, “Sammy, close your eyes.” /

As Sam got older, sometimes it would frustrate and even anger him how protective Dean was. He didn’t feel he needed it; he could take care of himself. Did Dean not trust him?

Sometimes it was hard to remember what truly fortified the shield Dean tried so hard to keep around him.

/ “Do it.”

Dean took the scythe. On his knees, Sam looked up at him with the same amount of unwavering love and trust that he had for him when he was a child. If his death was the only way his brother could find peace, then so be it.

“Close your eyes.”

But suddenly uncertain, a tear slid down Sam’s cheek. He knew that order was for Dean’s sake, not his own, and it didn’t come from his Dean.

Then…. “Sammy,” his voice unsteady, “close your eyes.”

That one, though…that was his Dean. That was the one protecting him—protecting him from seeing what he was about to do. That was the one that loved him.

After a lifetime under Dean’s persistent wing, it took only four little words for Sam to find hope or peace in the most unexpected of places. And these words were just another reminder—more proof that Sam was right, that somewhere his brother was still in there, still fighting, still good.

And suddenly, Sam instinctively knew that it would be okay.

So, he left his own reminder.

And then he closed his eyes.
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Title: Twas the Night Before Christmas
Author:  dragonfly
Rated:  PG
Genre: friendship, fluff, humor, team
Pairings: Jack and Daniel friendship,
Summary: Twas the night before Christmas, and Daniel couldn’t sleep.
Warning: none
A/N: Christmas prompt (ribbon) from [livejournal.com profile] jackwabbit that I forgot I wrote. It’s also loosely based off [livejournal.com profile] devra_01 (for once you'll be off for the holiday to celebrate with friends and family) prompt. Thanks, guys! So, though I didn’t post at Christmas, I figured Christmas in July would do.
A/N: This happens to be my second sleepy Daniel story posted in a week. These things happen.


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Title: S is for Sleeping
Author: dragonfly
Summary: Sometimes Daniel needs help with the little things--like knowing when to rest.
Characters: Jack and Daniel
Categories: friendship, humor, team as family
Author's notes: I have a bigger fic that I had planned on posting, but the muse would not cooperate. Though this was done in haste, it was done with love. Written for Offworld Alphabet Soup.


The day was mid, the sun was high and it was SG1’s third day on the uninhabited P3X-2-something-rather. Thus far, it was one of Jack’s favorite research planets—it had a beach that went on for miles. The beach was purple, but Jack kind of liked that too.

“Carter?” Jack asked after returning with Teal’c from their very important scouting/site seeing…mission.

“Last two pots, sir,” she answered without looking up from the soil samples she was happily collecting.

“That a girl.” Jack walked past her into the caves where he knew he’d find Daniel. Taking off his sunglasses, he scanned the large, dark cavern.  It was a drastic difference to the bright, inviting skies outside. “Daniel?”

This was supposed to be a relaxing mission. A fun one, dare he say. And it was. Daniel, however, was having a hard time with the relaxing part. He just didn’t know when to quit. The boy could run on excitement for days.

Pocketing his glasses, Jack walked deeper into the damp hollow. Finding his friend on the other side of a large rock, he sighed at the sight of him. Daniel was sitting cross-legged in the sand, hunched over his journal and a flashlight. Periodically, he’d look up at the wall in front of him, then back down at his journal, blink, furrow his brow, then look back up at the wall again—as if it would tell him all the secrets of life if he were just patient enough…or awake enough.

Because what he was was exhausted… and past the point where he realized it. Jack would bet he couldn’t even see what was written on the wall or the pages at this point.  It looked like the ole’ caffeine-for-decaf-switch was finally taking its toll. The fact that Daniel hadn’t noticed was testament enough to just how badly he needed rest.


Still no reply.

He was in the zone. A big, geeky zone. Jack had depended on that zone more than once over the years. Lives have been saved thanks to it. But, there were no lives in need of saving today, no answers desperately sought.

Walking closer, Jack knelt next to him. He was mumbling quietly—trying to figure out which scribbles stood for what. The only thing Jack knew for certain was that “S” stood for “sleeping”—which was what a certain archaeologist should be doing.

Daniel absently scratched at his cheek and Jack could see his hand trembling. He reached out and squeezed his shoulder. “Hey, time for a break, fella.”

The younger man unconsciously leaned into his touch, but didn’t take his eyes off the wall. “I just have to fini….” He trailed off when Jack gently took his glasses and tucked them into his own pocket.

Daniel turned and blinked owlishly at him. “Jack?”

There he is. “Daniel?” Jack parroted.

“What are you doing?” He didn’t notice when Jack took his journal too.

“Hitting the ‘off’ switch.”

“Wh—?” Daniel suddenly yawned widely.

“Need I say more?

The younger man stared at him blankly for a moment. When his eyelids started to droop, he asked, “Did Sam?”

“You betchya. Two pots ago.”

Groaning, Daniel closed his eyes, shoulders slumping.

The corner of Jack’s mouth turned up. “Come on.” Standing, he pulled Daniel up with him and held on until he stopped swaying. Daniel scrubbed at his face like a sleepy toddler and Jack regarded him fondly. “If you go willingly, maybe Teal’c will tell you a bed time story,” he teased lightly.

Already more asleep than not, Daniel’s brow furrowed. “Not the one about the blood-sucking goats,” he murmured, leaning into Jack as he slipped an arm over his shoulders.

“No? I kind of liked that one.” Pulling him in closer, Jack led his friend back out into the light. “Happy ending.”

The end.

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blaze of glorybanner
Title: Blaze of Glory
Vidder: dragonfly
Summary: "I never drew first, but I drew first blood." The boys being hawt and kicking @ass.
Warning: May include clips through 10x09.
A/N: Definitely the most challenging video I've ever done.
A/N2: Now available on YOUTUBE, though the streaming, I swear, seems to lag a bit.
A/N3: Sorry for the repost. Technologly does not like me tonight.
Also, MEGA HUGE thanks and hugs to [livejournal.com profile] gateslacker and sid for your support and input.

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I did this using an online photoshop program today because I needed some Hadrian and Royce STAT and the fandom is oh so little! *weeeeeps* I know it'll catch on, but it's taking it's good ole' time.

Royce and Hadrian Bromance
Edit: Okay, I had to add this. I just found this article by the author talking about bromance and Hadrian and Royce.

"...wasn’t until two years after I’d published the first Royce and Hadrian story that someone pointed out that it was like Butch and Sundance in Middle Earth."

dragonfly11: Boys are Back (Boys are Back)
Title: Of Yesterday
Author: dragonfly
Genre: Gen
Summary: Fifty years from now, Dean waits for his little brother.
A/N: Something a little different. Yet, in the end…not at all.Read more... )

Vid rec

30 June 2014 03:54 pm
dragonfly11: Boys are Back (Boys are Back)
I just love this video. It is crazy sweet, a little heartbreaking and definitely well done.
"And they said you were the crooked kind
And that you'd never have no worth
But you were always gold to me"

"I'm gonna be here until I'm nothing" by Alina0405video
Summary: Dean's love and devotion to Sam.
dragonfly11: Boys are Back (Boys are Back)
This one brought tears to my eyes. *spoilers through end of season 9*

dragonfly11: Boys are Back (Boys are Back)
Title: Missed you, boss
Author: dragonfly
Genre: family, 06x02 missing scene, gen
Summary: Tony really, really missed Gibbs while he was Agent Afloat.
A/N: The scene after Gibbs and Ziva arrive when they’re going to see the coroner, Tony says, “I missed you, boss.” “Yeah, I know, DiNozzo,” Gibbs replies, as if recalling something that just happened—say, when they arrived. Hence ficlet. Hope you enjoy!


“Well, when do they get here?” he demanded, feeling excitement bubble up.

“Already have,” a familiar and more than welcomed voice said from behind.

He spun around and instantly smiled.

“Nice tan,” Ziva said, smiling back while Gibbs looked on fondly.

Without conscious thought, he hung up on McGee and Vance. Then he was walking towards them. Before he realized it, he had his arms wrapped around Gibbs.

Releasing a breath, he lowered his chin onto the back of Gibbs’ shoulder. Growing up, he never felt like he had a home—not really, not since his mother had died. Yet now, thousands of miles from D.C….he suddenly found himself home.  The tension that he had been carrying around for months slowly started to fade. He didn’t realize he was being talked to—or even that he was still hugging Gibbs, until a cool, callused hand palmed the back of his neck, and a smaller hand ran across his ribs. “I missed you, boss,” he said evenly.

“Yeah,” Gibbs rasped lightly, “I can see that.”

“How was your flight?”  He still hadn’t let go.

“Long, DiNozzo,” he answered, not unkindly. “Care to give a SitRep?”

Tony hesitated. “I missed you, boss.”

He felt the arms around him tighten. “Missed you too, Tony.”
dragonfly11: Boys are Back (Boys are Back)
Title: Brothers without end
Author: dragonfly
Genre: gen, drama, brotherly love, 6x11 missing scene
Summary: When we grow up, will we still be brothers?
A/N: AU drabble taking place immediately after Sam’s soul is returned in 6x11. (Unbeta’d) Will possibly turn into multiple drabbles regarding the boys’ bond.


/ “When we grow up, will we still be brothers?” /

Death departed with a cryptic, “He will be…confused,” and Dean ran to Sam’s side in what felt like slow motion.

/ “What kind of question is that?” the ten year old asked, pulling the band on his slingshot back and letting go. The bolt ricocheted off one of the junked cars in Bobby’s yard. /

Dean fell to his knees next to the cot.

/ Sammy shrugged, keeping his head down as he played with a little block of wood he was pretending was a toy car on the front porch.

“Sam?” Dean took his brother’s lax face in his hands. “Hey, come on, man, you’re okay...”

/ “Sometimes…” the boy started softly, “sometimes people just grow apart, dad said.”/

“Come on, open your eyes,” Dean urged, desperate to see his brother in them, desperate to see Sammy in them.

/ Dean lowered the slingshot and regarded his little brother with a seriousness many wouldn’t have imagined a boy his age could manage. “Not us, Sammy,” he said gravely./

Sam opened his eyes.

/ “Not us.”/





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